Friday, May 7, 2010


This bike is so old the spark plug cables still say "Toyoda" with a D. Before they Americanized it into Toyota.
Bit by bit we're getting this thing done. The master brake cylinder was full of rust residue so I drained the hose, bled the line, popped the piston out to resurface with some fine paper, cleaned the gaskets and o-rings since I don't want to order new ones, put it all back together and it took two days to bleed the line and refill the thing. Today the thing went all back together and the brakes are solid. Every bolt is tightened and they'll stop on a dime. The back drum brakes are solid too so I'm not fucking with them.The chrome fairy even came in overnight and polished up the rim. Nice! I don't know if I'd go to Mexico on these tires but I'd go to Canada.
The carbs were clean so unless they give us problems I'm not changing the jets. I put them back on to make me feel like we're getting near the end. I also learned that the valve clearance aren't checked by taking the valve cover off. There are 4 ports on the cover that come off for tappet adjustment. I'm a Honda man learning my way around these Yamahas without the benefit of a manual.I think the fuel tank is the big project. I want to tackle it so I know what to expect in the future. The inside has to be cleaned and then tested for leaks. IF it leaks then it has to be sealed. A new tank costs $300. Sealant costs $30 plus labor.

Let's keep our eyes on the prize...a running bike.


xs360 said...

I am the chrome fairy, don't get too attatched to the bike, Hamma finally took his scrambler, I had to drop it off.

Oggy Bleacher said...

So we gotta get this thing done fast so you got spare wheels.

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