Wednesday, May 26, 2010

El Conquestador

Trying to make things look pretty on the blog and added a panoramic collage Ernesto took from the trip down the Baja. That's my 1974 vespa ciao and his KTM motocross bike we stuffed into my van in San Diego and drove 2000 miles through the desert on a ridiculously unplanned expedition having absolutely no idea where we would sleep each night or eat or even if the van was going to make it.

We both started out with working bikes and both soon ran into trouble. The difference is that I managed to fix mine with a Leatherman tool and bicycle parts. His transmission broke and the bike ended up in the weeds and was probably stolen for parts. The desert will destroy everything but it didn't get my Ciao. I refused to allow it to be taken from me. I made it survive.
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