Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cricket in the Monastery II

OK, Lyle, have at it. The setting was supposed to be a monastery and inside the monastery are some monks and there is also a cricket that represents the unquiet mind. See? So, I see the cricket as disturbing the peace of the monks until the monks accept that the cricket is only their unquiet mind. There is no cricket. They are the cricket. It could mean other things too.
It's for kids who study Vipassana meditation. There's a market for this and besides it'll be fun to have a kids book for your kids.
I would make the pictures something a 5 year old would marvel at.

Shhhhh. There is a cricket hiding in the monastery
Listen with only one ear
He is eating grass wedges with his sharp mouth
The monks watch their breath in the cool evening calm.

Suddenly, the cricket is quiet. His dry eyes await your applause
He’ll sing you to sleep with his crocodile wings.

Quiet minds see quiet times
The buzz is in the cricket’s head
Bees swim in the ocean of air
While you sit in deep repose

Tame the cricket
Silence the buzz and hum of the insect mind
Watch it dissolve and evaporate
Dissect the blade, not the bug.

Behave, cricket, or else the mouse will
Crawl from his cavern
Cross the wood planked floor on his curled claws,
sniff you out in your grassy den
and eat you, dear cricket,

Wait for the moon to rise through the pitchfork trees
The wolves are loose in the forest
The monks arrange their begging bowls for rice
The heavy gong rings through the halls of the monastery

The cricket is still hiding from the mouse
The mouse is hiding from the owl
The owl is hiding from the wolf
And the monk is hiding from the moon mirror.

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