Thursday, May 20, 2010


Rags were a poor man's music and I'm a poor man, but my world just got a little richer. I sold my last piano in August of '08 so it has almost been 2 years without one. I did have access to one in Mexico for two months and that was nice. But I got a paycheck that gives me a few days of breathing room and I lucked out with a guy who priced this Clavinova CVP 20 to sell below my price range and I made my move. My goal is to learn the entire Late For The Sky album by Jackson Browne or at least the pretty ballads. And this piano will make that happen. Thanks to the Chicken Man for helping me carry it up the stairs without breaking this old man 's back. Any song requests?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful - Scott Joplin would be delighted!

Chicken lips said...

Oh my god

Oggy Bleacher said...

I read that stride piano, the style Joplin composed for, developed from having the sustain pedal break on those cheap gin joint pianos. Without sustain you have to hold the keys down to get a long sound, or else keep you fingers moving constantly. So they perfected the thing called "stride" where the left hand plays one bass note and then a chord while the right hand plays the melody. I should point out that I made learning this one tune a priority over all else and it was still a long long process. I don't know if it was worth quitting jobs and losing girlfriends but a man has to have goals and stick to them.

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