Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's pouring rain, I work 12 hours a day on my feet, I am starving and I just bought a Clavinova digital Piano I can't afford. What else is there to do except hike to the top of Mt. Monadnock and look around at the fog? Now I'm so sore I can't walk and I need someone to help me drag my piano up the stairs to my apartment. Any volunteers before I go to Labor Ready and pay someone five dollars?

Newts and salamanders are fragile animals and rarely seen. They live in the mud and hide under leaves. This little red guy was hanging out on a log probably because the rain had saturated every other place. I'll ask my wildlife friend if this is a newt or a salamander. I forget the difference.

Thanks to Naomi for identifying this: "Red Eft"- it's a juvenile Eastern newt:
a newt is just an aquatic type of salamander."

It moved very slowly when I approached it. Long live the Red Eft!

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