Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nuclear Matters

If you have a few years to spare I recommend reading about nuclear weapons.
I'm amused that this information is available to anyone with access to the Internet. Just reading it makes me think not only should man never have meddled in this power, but you certainly can't post it on websites. I mean, you have to attest to being over 18 to view blow job pictures but the general facts of nuclear physics as it pertains to weapons is as common and accessible as a recipe for pasta salad!

Nuclear weapons depend upon the potential energy that can be released from the nuclei of atoms. In the atoms of the very heavy elements that serve as fissile material in nuclear weapons, the positively-charged protons and electrically-neutral neutrons (collectively known as nucleons) together form the enormously dense nucleus of the atom that is located at the center of a group of shells of orbiting, negatively-charged electrons.

...residual nuclear radiation will be emitted over an extended period of time, which may be harmful to humans if the detonation is close to the ground, or may damage electronic components in satellites if the detonation is exo-atmospheric...

I just did a tour of a diverse group of blogs that left me agitated and overwhelmed. Even if the present forces lead us to disaster the survivors will soon forget and forge ahead into their own story of joy and grief. Dostoevsky was arrested and tortured and almost executed and came back depressed and gambled and drank. Then he wrote like a madman and his books, which are his life and soul, are looked at like paintings, admired and then we readers go the the track for a whiskey sour.

Our turn on the merry go round is short and bizarre with violent monkeys hanging from the metal bars and whores and drunks falling or jumping to their deaths in moments of depression or clarity. Our money falls from our pockets to children and scavengers below and the cotton candy baked onto the paper cone wafts in pink plumes and fantasy to our noses, which are filled with cocaine. And to what end is the carnival ride? We can climb around and avoid the carnie's greasy hands but we'll fall off eventually and the ride moves on...or implodes upon itself and coats the world with the ash of the dead.

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