Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I played so much Lionel Richie on the piano today that I blended all his songs together into a song about Jackson the pygmy goat who hails from Nottingham and has a prince for an owner. I was belting it out even without the aid of vodka trying to mix a bit of Tom Waits with Elton John on the rocks...
"Don't tear down my fence
Jackson, you shit BBs on the lawn
dry hay is your desert
you drink water from a silver goblet
aflame with the Lee Speedway demons
run along you pygmy goat
and don't come home without a pony
I'll put wings on you and together
we'll fly back to Mexico or to Labrador
where it's cold at night
and the humidity freezes on the tent flaps
you'll keep me warm, you
pygmy dwarf with the bearded butt."

I can't remember how the music went but it was inspired.

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Anonymous said...

I love it. When I get my piano out of hawk, you should come over and play it.

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