Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Stop callin’, stop callin’,
I don’t wanna think anymore!
I left my hand and my heart on the dance floor.
Stop callin’, stop callin’,
I don’t wanna talk anymore!
I left my hand and my heart on the dance floor.

Heard this song recently and thought it was a parody of something, like a joke, but it's actually modern dance music. The lyrics are as shallow as a waterless urinal.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Waterless urinals are the new thing. They have some at Fenway. They save a bunch of water. http://www.waterless.com/
Check it out. I think you need a new analogy. There is nothing shallow about saving water.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Nothing shallow about saving water?
How about the depth of the water?
I'm not talking about the principles behind the waterless urinal (I piss in them at the Ports. library) just like I'm not talking about the principle of music and performance art as it relates to Gaga. Let's be reasonable...for once.

Anonymous said...

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