Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Walmart chicken cooked to celebrate the end of the Russo Japanese war. dry like the inside of a barrel of sand. chasing a neutral safety switch. or will rebuild the current one like a carpenter restores a blown out door jamb.
tired and blind we race rats throgh the maze. the pharoah took us out to drink on the ocean and we flirted with the stars. I left a trail of bread crumbs through the universe and it is up to you to follow it.

speaking of finding something. I'll buy a beer to the first person who can locate a neutral safety switch for a 1969 econoline E 200 5.0L van. The 1970 part doesn't work supposedly. I need one from a junkyard preferably so I can get the experience of taking it off before I destroy my own transmission linkage. Or a new one.


Anonymous said...

Yell if you want, but you know he's right:


Anonymous said...

fuck him, my guy just looks for compliments on his dumb race car, throw him a compliment and youll'e be in Labrador in the middle of the month, my advice is reality re hashed in my mind, it has already happened, I am just reiterating facts, but shit, satisfy the man

Anonymous said...

I am confused about where that thing even fits into the car. Does it go into the steering column? Rig up a on/off switch or something that won't let you start the car in anything but park or neutral.

Just take the van somewhere else, this is NH not CA, there isn't a database that tells them you tried to inspect the pig somewhere else.



Anonymous said...

actually they have to log into the state system when doing the inspection, so I think it's recipricating info.

Oggy Bleacher said...

ah, the thing is on the end of the tranny linkage near the kickdown linkage on the tranny box. It's a simple 4 point switch that has a cable that has been jumped to allow it to start. The switch can not be serviced and the part is as hard to find as a virgin on Saturday night.

I could find a place to pass it but now I'm on a mission to fix it. I want my reverse lights to work so it can have a reverse alarm beeping when I back up.
any leads?.

hardworker said...

buy something wireless. it's called progress. aka i'm fucked.

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