Thursday, September 2, 2010

Discovery Channel Held to Task

I was puzzled when I heard of someone attacking Discovery Channel. I suspected that the crooked media was at the heart of the man's problem but I wondered why target the Discovery Channel. The Learning Channel, with the disgusting Kate Plus 8, is a more deserving target. Or maybe even Kate plus 8 themselves.

The media has been on my mind these days even though I am trying to concentrate on my work now that I'm banking real money and almost learning some job skills. The media is, I think, our religion. It wasn't the plan when radio and television and movies were developed but that's the status right now. We worship media personalities like other people worship God and Buddha. Oprah, in 5000 years, will be seen as some kind of digital goddess who millions of people worshiped. "Her followers were known to eat sleep and conform to her standards of ethics and beauty," will be what future researchers will write about what is basically a gossipy Tupperware saleswoman.

Anyway, we worship cars and media. It's hard not to. I planned on taking one year to be media-free. Just to cleanse myself of my culture. I tried this in Mexico and about lost my mind. I describe it like you go on a trip and leave a trail of bread crumbs behind you thinking that you can always turn around. But one day you run out of crumbs and still haven't reached a destination so you think you can go a little further and still turn around but you can't. You get lost. And you are in limbo. That's what happens without the lifeline media or God gives. And that's where I stand today, rejecting the false prophets of the media and resisting the the sheep herd mentality of the devout.

So, for a planet of 7 billion people, we actually do pretty good as far as warfare. The media keeps us docile. Only poor people suffer and that's the way it should be. If you behave yourself and exploit the natural resources around you then you might make a buck. The chances are good you'll be dead before you ever see any effects of what you do. Or you'll be senile and it won't matter. So, it's September and 96 degrees. I drive around like everyone else and am appalled at the traffic in this little town. I forget there are areas where no one drives. It's easy to forget when you are stuck in traffic. But when you are on a remote plateau on the coast of Mexico it's hard to remember we've built machines that are perfect climate killers. Americans are now reliant on private transportation. Our lives can not function without a car because we've got to travel 30 miles in 25 minutes. But that's off the topic. The topic is media.

Now, the media is coercive like a hooker who needs heroin so bad she'll lick a man's dirty asshole. Lately, I've seen commercials where fat people stuff their faces and try to speak with food in their mouths. Like, that's acceptable. We've got girls selling their virginity to porn producers. I guess I'm a prude to think that's bad. I'm old fashioned. A romantic. One thing is for sure, we are now conduction a mass experiment on the effects of free access to humiliating pornography on an entire generation. I wonder if it will be good or bad. Hmmm...

It's all part of the media octopus that's impossible to escape. Television programs that manipulate people into sitting one foot from a screen to hear about grisly sex crimes, rape, torture, pain...then bang!....Eat at Wendy's!!! New Chicken Fajitas with fewer calories! Walmart sells jumbo potato chips FOR LESS! "Next on America's criminal perverts, a man who lured his victims to his sex dungeon...."
on and on 24 hours a day of media that is purely manipulating you into a pattern of fear and revulsion and jumbo fry relief. I'm pretty sure that our media could be considered a form of torture and sex crime if you analyzed in in the right way...but who wants to do that when the economy is suffering??

God, I can't be more sarcastic, can I?

Ok, so a guy finally had enough. He knows the media is literally enabling the destruction of the planet or at least distracting everyone from an obvious crisis environmental situation. Maybe he blames humans for being parasites and maybe he blames the media for manufacturing parasites...who knows...but he knows he can't live with the media and he can't change the world by recycling plastic bottles. So he straps some bomb to his chest and tries to get his message out in a more noticeable form than typing on a blog no one reads.

Listen, I've said it before that a war is going on and corporations control the media and control the minds of Americans. That can't be denied. The whole media paradigm is so poisonous that only a "free" country like America would tolerate it. We are manufacturing sexually deviant earth-exploiting consumers. If you break our media down it basically espouses godless, loveless sex and high calorie diet and irresponsible money management. And violence. I forgot that it glorifies violence.

So, it does have to stop. Absolutely. It must stop. It's a genocide from the inside out. The media is mentally gassing children before they can even speak. They don't stand a chance. No, it doesn't kill them outright BUT ONLY BECAUSE YOU CAN'T BUY THINGS WHEN YOU ARE DEAD. The media situation right now is bad enough that sensible people are reaching the conclusion that they have to defend themselves with bombs. Of course, so many people have been brainwashed that when you say "Humans are parasites. We have to stop breeding." then you can say, "That guy isn't talking sense. He's crazy." Yeah, crazy like 96 degrees in September and an iceberg as big as Manhattan floating south. Our lifestyles are completely over the top crazy and I really don't blame the guy for getting radical. It's time for radical action. It's too bad because if I was born 20 years earlier I wouldn't care and if I was born 20 years later I'd know it was too late. But right now I'm just optimistic enough to think something can be done to stop this insanity.

My father recently gave me his trademark advice, "Oggy, your problem is this: you can't save the world." Boy, it brought a tear to my eye knowing he was behind me 100%.
My response was, "Not with that attitude I can't."

I hate to make comparisons but I'm sure a kid in 1936 Germany questioned the Jews being lined up and given free trips on a train. And at least one father said to that boy, "You can't save the Jews." And that father would be what I call a coward. And that's basically what you are if you want to lay down and watch the media hijack the priorities of every person who comes in it's broadcast range just because the media is too big to fight. The media will defeat cowards every time. Definitely. Any asshole can tell you that. But heroes, people who stand for something and are willing to die for it, will prevail in the end. I know what side I want to be on.

I haven't figured out how to be media free and still complain about the media. I think I want to create my own media and supplant mainstream media with my own content. But how do I avoid the media? It's hard as hell. The guy who attacked the Discovery Channel stood for something. It is a war and there will be casualties. The best thing to do is organize a resistance that is big enough to defeat corporate media. Individual attacks don't accomplish much. We need to actually locate the source and go to work. That's not easy to do but that's what has to happen. Who is with me?

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you are not in labrador yet... you should post quick. or you will never use the show towels again..............

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