Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oggy's Impromptu Environmental Syllogism

1) Catholic prohibition of birth control mathematically guarantees a population of militant evangelical bible thumpers. If mankind were the only casualty I would not be concerned. It is the wolf that I am trying to protect.

2) The strong will survive. Yes. But the strong evil men will prevail if strong good men do nothing. That means a world without Arctic wolves. This is unacceptable to me. The enemy of the Arctic wolf is my enemy.

3) I think corporate media is the number one threat to the Arctic wolf. The disinformation and objectification of humanity is manufacturing drones for future wars against nature including wolves. Only a brainwashed person would casually act in a way that is destructive to the habitat of the wolf. That brainwashing is done by corporate media including the Catholic church, Hannah Montana the whore of Disneyland, et al.

4) Corporate media can only be suffocated by an extremely powerful alliance of tree huggers and radicals. This alliance starts with you! It will be uncomfortable to suggest the media is a brainwashing weapon but that is only because EVERYONE IS BRAINWASHED. The media is a brainwashing weapon. That's what it does. Make no mistake. You aren't crazy. All the facts point to this conclusion except for the lies the media itself spreads in its favor. There is the brain your mother gave you and then there is the brain that Barney, McDonalds and Hannah Montana gave you. The two are totally different.

5) Resist any message that the mainstream media feeds you. It probably bears no resemblance to the truth. What you see in front of you is true. This is why I must find the wolf to report on its status myself.

Here's an interesting counter-media site that informs about something I was recently discussing, the Solar panels that Carter put on the white house in 1978, that Reagan tore out in 1986.

And here is a video they made to address the climate change that my whole wolf summit meeting hinges on. See, the delicate climates will change first. If you are hanging out at the Belagio pool and think, "Life is good." then you are an asshole. Of course life is good in the desert next to a resort. But take your head out of your ass and ponder what life is like in the arctic. If climate change fucks the habitat of the wolf up then I'm going to take a fucking machine gun and change the climate of The Belagio poolside. That's just how it's going to go down so drink your fruity fag drink fast and cash in your chips, you worthless philistine.


Anonymous said...

Well, you've finally veered into full-on unabomber manifesto territory.

Oggy Bleacher said...

But is it original? That's the important thing.

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