Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stove Pipe madness

the problem with putting a stove in your van is that it will not be the same van after you are done. I'm trying to change the least amount of the layout as possible and this is not feasible. Everything has to change to put a stove in your van. That's a lesson I'm stubbornly refusing to acknowledge. No matter where I put the stove it has to vent and the easiest way to vent it is by putting it next to a window and going through the window. But that means one door can't open. ANd if I put it through the roof then there will be a stove pipe zig zagging around over my bed and also a 2 ft piece of pipe sticking out of the roof waiting to snag on a bridge or a dunkin donuts drive thru arch or a toll booth sign. And that will tear a huge hole in my roof if not tear the whole bubble top off the roof and leave me with a convertible van in a labrador snow storm. Now, that would make a funny story and I'm sure you'd all laugh but I'd be the one with a shitload of trouble to deal with and my projections give me trouble. It has to be done but I want it done in a way that will not tempt disaster. Maybe that isn't possible. Maybe I should tempt as much disaster as possible to get it over with. No matter what I do it will look like the yellow submarine. Run with the devil.


Anonymous said...

Why not make it run through the Door, but make it so you can detach it so you can open the door. Think mason jar type hinge. With a bracket attached to the inside of the van to support free standing flue when the door is open. I can show you. Swellesley.

Anonymous said...

On your way there can you buy me a winter coat at the Burlington Mall, and grab me a cookie from the Bakery down the street? Chocolate chip ...........Thanks

Oggy Bleacher said...

It would be easier to wait for Spring. I think if it goes through the side then it will waggle in the wind and break. I don't have the hacknology.

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