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Tinnitus Miracle Review- The Truth behind it

By: Oggy Bleacher

This article is completely regarding Tinnitus Miracle Review and will also teach you what is Tinnitus Miracle along with can they operate in supplying the solution in you. So ahead of going forward it is actually very much needed to understand what is definitely tinnitus? Tinnitus can be a conception of some unwanted sound that will may get reached to the head although absence of any sort of exterior sounding source. The most most of the sound that are being understood usually are humming, ringing or hissing which enters the head making the affected individuals to possess a serious discomfort. According the reports uncovered by American Tinnitus Association promises that practically 50 million men and women in US are undergoing the problems of chronic ringing and as opposed to for pretty much 12 million men and women the indications appears to be getting more painful and therefore are interpreting their routine lifestyle.

As there isn't any proper and also reputable strategy to treating this specific noise perception in the ears, the doctor's generally look forward in enhancing the quality of life and also downsizing the concentration of the sound what they're going through now. Despite the fact that there won't be any treatment folks are wasting a large amount in treatments in undergoing some treatment not knowing whether or not this actually allows or not.

Thomas Coleman an eating plan specialist, medical analyst plus a previous suffer associated with Ringing in the ears Miracle. He have also been wasting along had all kind of medical techniques for many years to remove this issue nevertheless felt exclusively reduced pain and also too for smaller timeframe. So he decided to develop a natural treatment to help cure Tinnitus Miracle completely. His 16 a lot of hardwork and investigation he designed a 250 page e book that could absolutely bring in a conclusion to the Tinnitus Miracle.

I reject many modern economic mechanisms as false and grotesque but I do know how they work. The above semi-gibberish is an example of how things are done these day and why Ayn Rand is an asshole. The choice, as she usually presented it, is not between a rational utopia of Ipad addicted high achievers or naked druids shaking carved sticks in the air at birds. No. That would make the choice easy. What is actually going to happen is the majority of people wading through a flood wave of capitalist bullshit as the planet is plundered and most people just trying to survive by doing the least amount of work possible. Yes, some hippies will eschew technology with some "sub-animal" rationalization, and some capitalists will plunder the retirements of the parents of those hippies with some "super-animal" rationalization. The highs and lows will never change.

Ok, some background....

I have Tinnitus. I pronounced it "Tin-Eye-tis" until I heard William Shatner and other sufferers pronounce it "Tin-ni-tus"
I hear the worst plague of locusts ALL THE TIME IN MY HEAD. No, they haven't started talking to me, but I have started talking to them. "Get out of my head!"
But they won't go away.
I went to an eye ear and nose doctor in Los Angeles and he was a real doctor and this condition as I have it is untreatable. They can attempt to treat it but since I was paying cash and he knew there was no Insurance Bank to withdraw from he sent me off with some useless nasal spray and advice about keeping my ears clean. That's what any doctor would tell you if they couldn't bill Blue Cross a few grand in MRI fees.
So, the noise is getting so bad that I get up a few times a night because I am sure the shower is running at full blast upstairs and flooding the basement. Surely, that sound couldn't be imaginary or in my head. I have yet to be right about the flood.

Now, millions of people are afflicted with this and you probably will be too one day so don't laugh. Some get it from factory work, others get it from military related incidents. Others listen to music loud. Maybe stress causes it. Diet. Etc. It's like Fibromylagia or restless leg syndrome. Anything could cause it and there is no cure.

That's where the smart marketers come in. Snake oil salesmen used to sell whiskey as "cure all". Their only hope was to keep moving so the reviews of their whiskey wouldn't kill their reputations. But how can we do that today when everything is online and reviewed?

Enter "Tinnitus Miracle"
This is the new model of how to use Google, SEO (search engine optimization) and the gullibility of consumers to make some money.

The first step is to pick a big market. 50 million people have Tinnitus. That's a good market.

The next step is to buy as many urls/web domain names as possible.,,,,
buy them and prepare to fill them with content that uses words like "miracle cure of tinnitus" and "fix tinnitus" and "hearing noise in head" etc.
the content must be rich in keywords so google word crawling spiders scan your site and decide that the content pertains 100% to someone who types "Tinnitus cure" into the search engine. (Even though this page now contains these keywords it will probably not appear in the top 400,000 sites because the "relevance" of the site itself and the "occurrence" of the keywords. But one day it will be somewhere in the top million sites. If you search for "Tinnitus makes Oggy Bleacher's life miserable" it'll be number one.)

That's the most important thing: you have to be number 1 in google to make money. You definitely have to be in the top ten.
Ah, but what if you could do such a good job with urls and keywords that you are 1 through 10? What if, now what if, you did such a bang up job and had enough startup investment that you could be the first 50 search return sites for "tinnitus cure"?

Well, I went through 26 pages, at ten sites per page for a total of 260 "separate" sites and found maybe 1 site that was "independent" and gave "independent review" of a book that purports to cure tinnitus. The book is called "Tinnitus Miracle Cure" and it would be better if it were called "How to use Google to make a million dollars and then use the money to get your ears replaced."

I didn't buy the book, but the journey I went on trying to get a review of it showed me how many pitfalls there are out there. The book is probably advice on diet and stress and some sound therapy. Nothing bad, but neither is whiskey bad. Whiskey probably cures coughs for a few hours. Really!
And the most important thing is that since there is no medical consensus on Tinnitus there can be no fraud if you mislead the reader on a cure. It's not like you suggest treating a broken bone with Blueberry incense and a coffee enema. Doing that online would land you in deep trouble...because there is a medical consensus on how to treat a broken bone. Causes and treatment of Tinnitus is total vague, like Fibromyalgia and Christianity, so deception is impossible to prove as long as some viable product is demonstrated. Due-diligence is probably the term the lawyer would repeat. You have to prove you have done research and the product is sold as a result of that research. If you can prove it then you are in good shape. And if you offer a money back guarantee then you are in good shape too.

But to make money, you must dominate the marketplace. Word of mouth only works when the cure actually works. When you are told to reduce stress and watch your salt intake then that's not a cure that will spread like wildfire among Tinnitus sufferers. To dominate the marketplace you have to do something I was shamefully involved in back in the San Fernando Valley...affiliate marketing. This is where you promise to pay someone to promote your site for you. I say "promise" because we fucked over hundreds of affiliate marketers who directed traffic to our site selling frivolous mini motorcycles. Hahahaha.

Now, in the old days of 2004 affiliate marketers were trusted to make their own content, but that led to honesty and integrity so here we are 8 years later and affiliate marketing is another term for "shill" as in, the weak coughing guy in the crowd who limps forward and drinks the whiskey and stops coughing and then does a dance. "It works!"
That's like in the "SAY, SAY SAY" music video with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. M.J. is a shill as Sir Paul hawks snake oil. Old trick, new methods.
Today, we have paid reviewers saying the book's methods cured their tinnitus. These guys probably didn't even have a hearing problem let alone get cured by it. Hell, the author of the book itself may not exist.

For instance, the review at the top of this page was from a "Affiliate marketing cafe" site that gives out free content for people who manage their own PPC (pay per click) blogs and web sites. You can make money doing this (five cents a page view, ten cents on a click-through, 10% of any purchases) but not enough to purchase your soul back from google unfortunately. (I just read the free content that drives traffic to a "learn to play guitar" site and it was laugh-out-loud bad. Like the pseudo-informative content above, it is the Capitalist equivalent of Shamanism.*)
They invite you to take the content and paste it on your site. It had another author's name, something like "Robert Blankeship" totally bogus so I put my bogus name on it. But reading the content itself is embarrassing. It was written by an Indian or Sri Lankan? "he designed a 250 page e book that could absolutely bring in a conclusion to the Tinnitus Miracle" Terrible grammar. Not a native speaker. Or maybe a computer generated the review from other computer generated reviews. Or someone used google translate to change it from Urdu to English. Who knows? The whole point of the review is not to inform you about the product but rather to give you content so you can market many products without doing any actual product review. Because you have better things to do with your time than interact with the products you are shilling.

So, this is a warning to consumers that we have entered the next generation of snake oil. google only does what it is programmed to do and if I extend a special offer to "cure your shyness in 5 easy steps" with a money back guarantee and I host 100 sites with "" and "" and throw up content and ways to buy my e-book and I dominate the marketplace, then I will make money. And my point is that when making money becomes the end goal then it will naturally lead to miracle cures saturating the market. Everyone wants a miracle cure. I almost want to buy the book just so I can give it a real review and test it's theories but at $40 I can't afford it today. SO the internet will have to be satisfied with fake snake oil reviews. And I will wear ear phones and ignore the buzzing in both ears.

You've been warned.

*My suspicion is that one person wrote one article and then dozens of people around the world copied into their own language and then translated it with google translate until it because unrecognizable...and thus they completed their assignment of filling the internet with their nonsense and got paid two or three dollars. Congratulations. DO THESE ASSHOLES THINK CYBERSPACE IS PROVIDED BY WIZARDS?

Here's a taste of one of the articles on obituary searches:

"In every person's life, losing someone seems to be one of those occurrences that are so hard to bear. However, that is already given and there's no exemption to that. Aside from that known death of someone, it is also hard to consider someone who has been missing for such a long time to be dead already."

Oggy's translation: The death of a friend is a difficult but inevitable event provided you do not die first. Finding closure is made even more heartbreaking when a person has been missing long enough to be presumed dead. Sure, they might turn up alive but probably not. It is better to write them off and get on with your life. Otherwise, two people have died and not just one. Blah blah blah.

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