Sunday, May 1, 2011

Old Story of Savages Being Saved By Industry

NPR is my last hope for news that does not beat me with Chinese manufactured batons. I'm hesitant because it's basically preaching to the choir. I want to read all the news media content so I can understand how everyone is getting their information. NPR is not unbiased but at least they don't hammer me with videos of dogs on sleds and "What Celebrity has Cellulite?" stories and "Missing Girlfriend Found Beheaded" tags that make me shudder in horror. But, like I said, those stories are part of the master plan of CNN and Fox to distract and amuse the public. Give them something frivolous to argue about and hundreds of people will discuss the execution of someone in Texas and pretty much ignore a polluted river in their backyard. I get the point so I don't need to see anymore of their horrendous stories. But then I go to NPR and read the stories that are actually important but all the comments are the same thing since the choir ends up gravitating to their kind of conductor. So, what's the point?

The mozambique-coal-mine-brings-jobs-concerns story
is a good example of a story that does not affect the average American in practice but is pertinent in principle. The only people directly affected are rural farmers in Mozambique. American hearts probably won't flood with empathy for their plight. In case you are a staunch right wing day trader who boycotts NPR I will summarize the story:

Brazil needs more energy as their land is mostly occupied by McDonalds cattle ranches.
They need coal so they found some undeveloped land in Mozambique. Bob Dylan wrote a song about Mozambique on his Desire album. I don't think that's relevant but I thought I would mention it so you hippies don't click to the next screed blog. (I have to cater to all types)

Anyway, there were some farmers on the land and they were deemed undesirable so they were moved to a place with running water and a metal house to live in. That's an improvement, right? Not if you now have to pay money for the water and the rent and you were basically living on a barter system before. No, if you have 8 children who now depend on money for their living and "improvements" then you are suddenly in trouble. What are you going to do as a subsistence fisherman? You need cash. So, you try to get hired at the coal mine...where you work for two weeks on and two weeks off. Now, your children who used to go to work with you everyday see you once every two weeks. They love you and they need to contribute so pretty soon they are trying to get jobs at the coal mine too. Why? Because Brazil needs energy. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH A FISHERMAN IN MOZAMBIQUE?? Now it has a lot to do with him and this personifies the ripple effect that I'm seeing everywhere. Our demand for Playstations is absolutely no game. It could easily be the cause of a polluted river or displaced family. In fact, it guarantees it. Think about that when you play Resident Evil.

I should point out that small pox vaccinations and other modern miracles go hand in hand with this relocation but it's a philosophical debate if "savages" should be forcibly civilized. I had no choice and have tried to become a savage just to give myself the choice but it's been very difficult and philosophically muddled. Oh, but it's been interesting and the drugs are way better in savage land.

The debate for me is what should be done and what can be done. Brazilians who need power for their cell phones have no right to dictate the living situation of a fisherman in Mozambique. They have more might and thus do so unimpeded but that doesn't mean the case is closed because one day it will be the fisherman and the next day it will be the Amish or the New York Yankees. Is there a good excuse to displace people? I don't think so. You can displace yourself and that is it. How about this: Get by on what you find in Brazil! Is that so hard? No. So, fuck them. This is an act of aggression and justification for violence. I say we stop eating fried Plantains at the Emperor's Wok buffet table. Those come from Brazil. Stop eating plantains! And stop paying rent. Buy a gun and stop paying rent.

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