Friday, April 22, 2011

Roll up my sleeves

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”
—Eleanor Roosevelt

“But I'm from the future...”
—Oggy Bleacher to Canadian Border Police

I gotta say that the comment sections of sites like Adbusters, Ted, the oil drum, etc. are SO MUCH MORE CIVIL than the ones found on cnn and youtube. It's like junk food; everyone knows it's bad for you but we can't get enough. CNN is atrocious. Fox is abominable. Not just politically, but in terms of content. I don't know anyone who actually wants to know that much information about sex crime victims and murderous celebrities and basically food gossip and videos of cats in trees. It's so glossy, like people magazine. The Japan nuclear meltdown quickly found itself on page 2 because two elite Brits are getting married. If I had a button to wipe CNN from the earth I would have to push it. Hell, I'd CTL-ALT-DEL the fuck out of CNN. I should just go to the BBC from now on. Does anyone know an American news outlet that doesn't focus with serial killers and royal weddings? (I just looked at BBC and they were saying that the London 2012 Olympic games might be "the first truly sustainable games ever". Yeah, we're still feeling the effects of those games held in 600 B.C.)

I believe in freedom of speech but CNN is absolute profiteering on tawdry, sensational, localized, useless stories. Repulsive. I'd rather read a full on conspiracy blog about how WWII never happened or how Stephen King murdered John Lennon. At least those people are totally obsessed with their subject to the point they are willing to go broke to get "the truth" out there. God, it's refreshing to find someone who has some idea what freedom of speech means. Ted Turner really deserves his riches because no normal person would think to capitalize on news like a rose grower during wedding season. He's Citizen Kane. CNN actually lures you in a circle of violence and the comments are rabidly evil and inflammatory. I won't even give an example because they are so deadly. I actually shiver when I read some of them because it's so obvious the reader has been caught in a circle of hateful stories and has to vent. We are rats in a cage, that's really the only conclusion I can reach. Rats running after cheese and even the people who think they aren't rats are also rats.

I think my point was that adbusters is sponsoring "digital detox week" and of course I read about it online. I guess the only argument for posting that online is you could say, "we'd put up 2 fliers at the local library but only people who visit that particular library would see it."

Or there's the joke: ever heard about the guy who went on a hunger strike to protest press releases?

Anyway, my feeling is that I don't have anywhere else to get my "Anal teen queen" fix. What's a guy to do?

Seriously, I'm going to take a break for earth day. I want to turn off all electricity, not drive my moped, etc. Yes, it is totally useless in light of 7 billion people all trying to upload their half-assed singing or type their sports team opinions, but what the hell. I'll do it anyway.
Do anything you want on Earth Day, but don't visit CNN. Please please please.

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