Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terror: Made in China

I have to break my 20 hour silence to explain why the phrase "Made in China", found on every vibrating dildo and gas grill across America, inspires such loathing.

There might be some difference between the Chinese who make shoes and those who trample on a Monk's legs, but I'm going to err on the side of justice and say they are as similar as a guy who sells prescription morphine in California and a guy who sells street grade crack in Baltimore.*

It's a tired and almost boring subject to talk about how the Chinese invaded Tibet to exploit the mountains of their precious plastic to be used in anal beads and metals to be used in cheap scissors. I mean, 60 years of abuse is long enough to say that this is an issue Americans really don't care about. As soon as we were able to fill those gumball machines with fragile plastic jewelery for half as much as before, Tibet's autonomy simply didn't matter.

Walmart didn't exist in 1950 so it can't be held responsible for demanding low cost, crappy stuffed animals and lead-laced action figures; that came later. No, the Chinese had their own reasons for invading Tibet. Maybe they like beating up defenseless monks...which brings me to the story of today.

(I didn't go to CNN** (see previous post) and went to BBC so I'll be regurgitating a new set of liberal agendas for your reading pleasure.)

Prepare yourself to look at Walmart in a whole new light: It seems a Buddhist monk opted for the express route to Nirvana by choosing the Self-immolation method of enlightenment. He lit himself afire to protest the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Yawn! Ho hum. But wait! This is startling, the Chinese police reportedly put the fire out and then beat the monk to death. Why they saved the guy only to kill him is a puzzle I leave open for discussion but that image should be on your mind next time you shop. There's a reason stuff is cheap at Walmart.

CNN wouldn't run that story but would report that Donald Trump lied about his voting record? That omission wouldn't be politically motivated would it? Is Ted Turner jealous of all the attention Trump is getting? I thought news was unbiased!! Har har har.

I went down to the local Walmart to inform shoppers of the larger ramifications of their purchases and was quickly the target of American style gunfire, nearly getting myself set on fire. So, I hope these words find more welcome ears.

Anyway, remember where your iPhone comes from...home of the Monk Beaters. Ha, that sounds like a Country Western band. "Now, direct from Nashville, please put your hands together for...The Monk Beaters!"

If it says, "Made in China" then don't buy it. Live without it so others may simply live.***

This Communist Squirrel asks, "Do you have the "nuts" to boycott Walmart?"

*The difference is that the Special Economic Zones like Shenzhen were set up in exporting areas where our iPhones are assembled from the teeth of Buddhist monks. It's still part of PRC and trading with those monsters is absolutely no different than buying cotton from a Georgia plantation in 1850. Have we become the people Harriet Tubman warned us about? What would Abe Lincoln do?

** CNN did not run this story anywhere on it's home page. I guess a Lady Gaga fan passing out at a concert is more important.

***My fact-checker took the day off so you'll have to trust me on all of this.

**** If you think my tiresome rants are getting out of hand check out this page on why buying from Walmart is leading to WWIII.

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