Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thoreau Memorial Bean Garden

My garden looks like it was planned by a kindergartner with ADHD. The important thing is that the seeds are in the ground and nature has to lend a hand.

The Nurse planted some roses and lillies and lupines and wildflowers and strawberries. The sunflower seedlings all died but I'm thinking they didn't neet to be babied in starter plots. They grow fast no matter what.

My thinking is that if technology led to happiness then two things would be assured. 1) Socrates and Buddha were the most miserable men on earth. 2) We Americans would be whistling show tunes from our assholes.
Since neither of those things are true the syllogism must conclude that technology exists independently of happiness. Or wait, will technology advance to the point that happiness can be manufactured? Or have we reached that point and I didn't qualify for a prescription? Interesting. I will ponder this over a pina colada.

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