Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mon nom est Oggy. Je Suis de l'avenir

If there is anyone who can speak French I'll totally buy all the gas if you can get us to Labrador.

"Je cherche le loup arctique, parce que leur habitat est de fusion."

Borat had it a little easier since he could actually speak English. Try playing a prank in a language you really don't understand.


Anonymous said...

if you hand an iphone you could get an app that justs translates everything you say. perfectly.


ps the door is fixed.... will attempt the inspection tomorrow

Chicken Stain said...

I wouldn't fuck around at the border with "Im from the future", or you will be on fleet street eating hot dogs for the summer. Don't f this up. You need be out there to tell me how it is.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Mais les loups vont mourir si je ne fais pas quelque chose. J'entends hurler dans le désert et lié avec une longue barbe sur les genoux brisés à mon destin mystère. Briller sur moi loup esprit et me guider à la maison!

Anonymous said...

frog.............Tell Mr. Depp I said, easy.

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