Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Leaf - Old Forest

I'm out of touch with some of the details that previously would consume me with resentment for the abomination known as Man.

I'm broken and slowly finding the pieces of my new transformation and identity to weld back together. Poems whistle through spruce twigs and finally the old foliage has fallen away and perhaps a new spring will replenish the nutrients diminished in the desert. The caribou herd is lost.

The wolf is the sentinel of man. Be brave. Walk proud. Think for yourself and see with your own eyes. This is a natural state for humans except when the media war begins on their young minds and wins by triumphing over their nature in stages of abuse conspiring with the weak parents who are defeated by upward mobility and plantation owner mentaility.

I have hunted for my home like a lonely humpback whale whose flippers are marred by coral reefs. Self imposed exile from the world may be my path. A 19th century salt cod village happens to be my oasis. I'm shit out of luck, you say? No, because one still exists at Battle Harbour. The loathsome 20th century passed this place by but the Petermann Ice Island made a visit with many


Anonymous said...

Find a way to renounce your US citizenship and stay there...this rotten country is spriraling toward extinction.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,,,, hate America, and forget the freedom of Speech and assembly

Anonymous said...

What freedom of what? Freedom to comment on a message board?

Try to use your 'freedom' to protest without a 'permit' or 'permission.' See how far that gets you.

There is no 'freedom' unless you're happy to watch Jersey Shore.

Anonymous said...

Go to Syria and be free, where they rape moms, and finger blast children.

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea.

You go to Syria, don't come back.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Quit your pissing contest.
Listen, Syrian military tactics may include rape but you're an idiot if you think the US military doesn't rape or torture their enemies.
More importantly, the government may not have a pro rape policy but a woman is assaulted every 12 seconds in the US and EVERY FEMALE CHILD is sexually assaulted and mentally molested by Mattel and Disney with the whore of Hannah Montana and Barbie spreading their filth of "beauty" and "attractiveness" and "popularity". If I had a choice of a government that had a zero tolerance of putrid corporate sponsored definitions of beauty but also sponsored rape in military conquests or a government that subsidizes child propaganda but pretends to be sexually benign in war...then I'll choose the former. Fortunately, I have a better choice which is to employ my own guerrilla tactics against both and a fuck you to all. Hannah Montana will die along side the barbaric Syrian/US military tactics.

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