Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oggy Strikes Back

I've applied for "environmental refugee" status in Canada. The deciduous memories of America are falling into the duff of flat desire.
One day I'll sing you my sea shanty song called "The Queen of Labrador"
"Oh, Dana, sing me home. Oh, Dana, sing me home. Oh, Dana sing me home once more, to the land of Labrador."
For now you will have to entertain yourself with this unplanned rant I vomited forth. It looks like a good green screen photoshop effect but I forgot to zoom out after filming the icebergs and so I look big and outlined in the pristine air quality.
I am chopping wood and carrying water as I await my shrimp boat to leave for Nuuk, Greenland, the stopping off point for Ellesmere Island and arctic expeditions.
Everyone loves the wolf idea now.
It's one thing to tell a Maine Potato farmer that the wolf is imperiled but it is another to tell a world explorer on boats.
"I'll tell you how to get to Ellesmere..." he begins.

Rant VideoAs for freedom, if you think a government provides freedom then you are an asshole who couldn't spell freedom. Despite what PHS taught you, Freedom is an individual ethic, not something you choose from a political bill of rights like #5 with chicken fingers off a Kim Lai menu. Governments protect land thieves from the peasants with pitchforks.

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Cut your hair you frickin' hippy.

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