Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Battle Harbour Experience

Here's the fruit of my month on Battle Harbour. I don't know if they will use it on their website or not but I'll promote them myself either way. The hand-held effect is what screams amateur to me, but that's the stage I'm at right now. The editing shows my hand of manipulation of sentimentality and also a bit of restraint in the fade department. I only used the old age film effect once or twice although a 19th century historic site sort of calls for it.
I won't be satisfied until I get an email saying that a family arrived because, "...they had seen a video of the island and had to go."

When I think of my gigantic beard and Oggy Bleacher bad breath I'm surprised anyone was willing to give me an exit interview. Most said, "Thanks," as they were passing my camera and waving whiskers.

The important thing is that I have a complete promotional video filmed and edited by myself on a historic island 10 miles in the middle of the Labrador Sea. My fingers picked the Cliffs of Baccalieu and Petty Harbour Bait Skiff tunesIf anyone asks me if I can make them a video I can respond yes before they even give me the details. If you want a closer look then you'll have to plan a trip to the Labrador Coast. Battle Harbour is only one of a dozen rare historic destinations but it's the only one you can sleep at.
The negligent Newfoundland fishing practices may have decimated the cod population but bumbling filmmakers like myself will never stop preserving the current nostalgic atmosphere. Go today, you will love it. Bring mosquito jacket!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful video - a special place to visit and we're lucky it still exists. Can't wait to go!!

Anonymous said...

The sound was reminiscent of the chicken fucker documentary

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