Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Leaving The Island

Lloyd made his own guitars and they played surprisingly like my seagull. I tried to teach him some lead patterns and with some work he'll be the next norman blake. he tried to teach me a seaman's knot for tying boats up to a piling and with some work I'll get that right one day.

My eye looked much worse than this before the medicine started to work. red and runny. the nurse said it was very infected.
They look like candy but they are slightly ripe Bakeapple berries. OR cloudberries. only in Labrador and Newfoundland.
From left, Daphne, Elsie, Laura and Janette with gifts I couldn't refuse like a dozen rolls and a hat and a post card.

I made good friends here. It's 19th century ethics here and community that depends on one another for companionship and not profit. The global economy could evaporate and they would not bite a single fingernail in worry.

"Money's not the only thing," said Tony, a happy man and tradesman and father. Steve Jobs will not be able to thank Tony for any contributions to his golden pyramid.

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