Monday, August 8, 2011


Ok, I feel better that I do not have a detached retina but the conjunctivitis/red eye makes me a pariah in the hospitality biz. I will be delayed in all transit until I can use both eyes. The road to Blanc Sablon is hard enough with two eyes but when driving like One eyed jack the pirate it is nearly impossible to navigate my 1969 Ford Trappers Cabin.
If anyone wants to defend the united states because they "love freedom" or other such bullshit they should get an eye infection and then see how much of their money is wasted in trying to get treatment in the States. Canada has a health card...and you pay a bit above the cost of the medicine. This leads to no frivolous MRI tests on a leaky prostate or broken flux capacitor that will be billed to your vulture blue cross. See, private enterprise, like democracy, only works if everyone is educated and everyone is sober and everyone is honest. Unless you can guarantee those three things then you will have a corrupt enterprise that LOOKS LIKE THE UNITED STATES HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. So, the theory of private health care is generally defended by rich looters/pharaohs or ignorant slaves/drones but really it's a train wreck in practice sort of like communism, which requires everyone to be benevolent anti-Semites...hahahaha.
If the government has a say in health care it should look like Canada, which is to tax cigarettes to $11 a pack ($13 American) and booze ($15 6 pack) and everyone gets a health card which you bring to the clinic and they see you in a few hours and fix your problem and no one gets rich but MRI tests are not included if your back hurts after your kid jumps on you. Your cost will be $7.90 and when you try to pay $20 "and call it even" they will stare at you like you are a barbarian. You tip waitresses here but do not tip nurses or hospitals. Look up Rupert Grenfell sometime and you will see what a real person acts like. Americans got shafted with corruption like Dick Nixon and send Seargent Shriver into the dungeon of political banishment. We got what we deserved which was rich industrialists looting the land and poisoning the wolf while the working man is served vocabulary to piss in his neighbor's face with and the political puppet will dance on strings for the benefit of everyone while television and corporations COMPLETELY DOMINATE THE CULTURAL BATTLEFIELD. Congratulations for your petty civil war, America while the carpetbagger named Steve Jobs cleans up with faulty rare earth metals stolen from Chief Seattle's great land that was renamed Walmart by our political heroes John Adams and Sam Walton.
At the dump today we found a broken generator. Looked brand new.
"One season, and this shitty Chinese generator broke."
"No," said Kirby, "He die after one day."
There are your rare earth metals and the piss in the face of Chief Seattle and the bones of the Great Auk all rolled into one fuck you.

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