Friday, August 26, 2011

Quotes to Inspire

I don't want you to think that hurricane is going to make me go easy on anyone. The Gulf coast, Mexico, Honduras, all have had their dose of global climate collapse and only a total destruction of D.C. by hurricane force dust storms will raise the eyebrows of the whores and puppets who stink up their $1000 alpaca wool suits while selling out the American man to Chinese pharaohs. So, here are some quotes to get your minds working on what to do when the shit crumbles...

"Cry wolf, you men of little conscience! Ignore the fact that while there have been deer there have always been wolves and that until your coming, wolves, men, and deer lived in mutual adjustment with each other for more centuries than we can count. Cry wolf! No one will give you the lie. The wolves cannot answer. The last survivors of the Peoples of the Deer cannot reply." - Farley Mowat People of the Deer

"Yes there is truth my dear boy, but the doctrine that you desire, the absolute perfect, comprehensive and instructive doctrine, does not exist. You should not yearn for this my friend, but only for self-perfection. The Godhead is in yourself, not in theories and in books. Truth must be lived, not taught." - Hermann Hesse - Glass Bead Game

Last night Dennison held council on his "Tahiti" sailboat and he pulled out a book he was reading and how he described it is worth repeating, though this isn't verbatim...(imagine an accent like John Cleese or a less cheeky Hugh Grant...)

"This book, Men of the cliffs and caves, is about hermits who lived during the Han Dynasty in China between 200 B.C. and 200 A.D., and while that may sound fabulously obscure it is actually a fascinating read. Their philosophy, the hermits, was that during a time when there is a good leader then you are obligated to serve society but during a time of a bad leader you were obligated to become a hermit and remove yourself to live in solitude in a cliff dwelling or cave where you would ponder the universe, write, pray what have you. Now, some of the hermits were absolute scoundrels who only became hermits to gain reputation that would aid them as political demons but others were genuine."

At this point is say, "I identify with the much of what you say, Dennison, please continue."

Dennison stands and refills my porcelain tea cup from something that looks Chinese but is probably a Thai porcelain kettle. On a sailboat! The loose leaf tea is good, from Thailand, with a licorice aftertaste, oily and enhanced when I breath in sharply which I do often since my adventure on the motor-less boat has left me uncertain of my movements...

"Thank you, Oggy, I will. So, it's like this, if Colin Powell the U.S. secretary of state for the last Bush dynasty, excuse me, term, had gone to the United Nations Security Council on February 5, 2003 and instead of arguing for an invasion of Iraq based on flawed and mostly manufactured evidence against that country, he had stood up and said. (Dennison stands up and pretends he is a humbled Colin Powell) 'Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the security council. I'd like to announce my resignation as secretary of state as it has become clear to me that this administration is a sham and corrupt beyond salvation. I will henceforth be moving to an undisclosed cave in the Ozark mountains where I will live alone on nuts and ginseng as I ponder the universe. I thank you for your attention. Good bye.'

We three, David, Julien, and I laugh at the unlikelihood of this happening. Dennison laughs casually and continues.

"If he had done that then the world would now be a much different place. (I begin to say something and Dennison raises a finger to silence me.) Instead, Instead, he was a whore...and a puppet and the hand that moved his hands and the fingers that wagged his lips were too powerful for him to overcome. So he obeyed them and fed the world a monumental lie. The only 'intelligence failure' was on the part of the American People to not recognize a screw job that left the country in financial ruins while global development corporations like Halliburton made off like bandits. And this book traces the cause and effect of hermits living 2200 years ago to the current state of the world."

And the nonchalance with which Dennison spoke was culture defined.

Now go do something worth quoting...

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