Friday, August 26, 2011

Rare species

Thrombolites don't get many PETA activists getting arrested in their defense but they are the earliest form of primitve life and they are endangered. I'm sitting on the back of a thrombolite here. They are actually collections of dense bacteria disguised as rock like I'm disguised as Oggy, the biologist from the future.

And here is the dwarf hawksbeard which I thought was a rare plant only found on Burnt Cape, Newfoundland ecological preserve but also seems to live in california, portland and other places so maybe I've been misled. It is noteworthy because it blooms once in its life and then dies. The plant lives in no soil, only a thick bed of gravel limestone. I would recommend it to avid botanists but not casual flower lovers because everything looks like is still growing. This Dwarf Hawksbeard is as big as it gets.

Burnt Cape ecological preserve looks like this:

There is a huge sea cave under there and a phenomena called Cannon Holes that look like big holes in the side of the cliffs. I wandered down there to ponder the universe. Sometimes, when the ocean is calm, there is a huge seawater pond that is safe to swim in. The day I was there it was not safe or warm or calm.

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