Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boat Head revisited

No video or pictures of the boat crossing as the curse of Ahab returned with high seas and the 4 dimensional shuffle inside my stomach. I sweated it out in the bathroom watching my breakfast of eggs and oatmeal flushed into the Cabot Strait. I didn't think a huge ferry could roll and tumble thusly but the waves were unrelenting. Over and over I sang, "Does any man know where the love of god goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?" I wasn't alone this time as passengers were stuffing their breakfasts into the vomit bags all over the boat. The heads were full of green faces and glasses were breaking in the kitchen. I was more sick on the trip from Quirpoon to St. Anthony but since that was the sickest I've ever been or even witnessed (the sailboat captain said he'd never seen anyone as sick in his life. I wondered if there was an award. He said no.) But I got my lesson in crocheting to set me on the path toward folk crafting joys.
Ugh, I still feel the water swaying left, right, forward and down. I need a nap. Enough about me. Raise your hand if you are bored?

Look at this job opportunity in Halifax...

Program Admin Officer I-II (Climate Change) Halifax He/she is also expected to be well informed about international developments on climate change, including climate change agreements Canada has negotiated (Copenhagan Accord) or is proposing to negotiate that will have a bearing on provincial interests. Experience related to the creation, analysis and implementation of business plans will also be considered an asset.
Classification Level: PR 6-10

Salary Range: $40,651 - $58,295

And this is my country...
Americans are like a cult of fat, Flat-Earth nutters to the rest of the world.

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