Monday, September 19, 2011

Bon Voyage

The vacuum modulator saga will have to wait for a conclusion. I'm not surprised Canadian Tire failed to get the part to me because I suspect the part never existed in the first place in their warehouse in Montreal or Toronto and some order picker like me wandered out there and started to daydream and skipped that particular box or looked and didn't see it so checked it off his list and pretended he had put it in. Thanks, buddy. Even a week in Corner Brook didn't slow me down long enough to see fall colors. Everything is basically green still with the chill air arriving earlier every day and staying longer every night.

42 years every owner had managed to put the oil filler cap on after adding oil but I broke the chain and I guess it is my destiny to leave a cap of some type in every province. The oil cap bounced through the engine compartment and got kicked around by the fan until I watched it roll away under the van at 40mph, bounce across the highway and get run over by a few trucks (probably full of vacuum modulators). Could it roll to the sand? no. Could it roll to the median? No. Right in the middle of the road where dozens of cars mashed it into a lump. I was so frustrated and resentful, cursing Canadian Tire for causing all my problems that I spent three hours with all my hand tools trying to reshape the oil cap. It was made from good metal and when good metal is mashed then it is hard to reshape it without running it over with a truck, which is what happened. So, I found another use for the copper flashing the chicken farmer gave me.

I've used that stuff for everything from fixing the neutral safety switch to filling holes to patching sides, to making a rim around the speakers and as a brace for my broken ipod, and now as the new oil cap until I can find a junk yard. Yeah, I can hear the sarcastic applause from here.

So, I'm totally spent now of cash and reaching the Ronald Reagan economic solution which is to spend money you don't have. Why not?


Anonymous said...

Now your'e an American... throw the frog suit away, and spend frivolously!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a credit card? Then max it out, get another one and that max it out. What exactly are they going to do?

Oggy Bleacher said...

but it's wrong.

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