Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hot Water

The mouth of the Humber River on a genuinely nice fall day.

With all this free time on my hands I forced myself to swap out the Mexican thermostat. Was it laziness that made me leave it in there or was it the fact that the van would run and touching anything often leads to more trouble? Well, I knew it wasn't the right thermostat since I was in 115 degree temps when I bought it and today was frosty. Most folks in Mexico leave the thermostat out completely. So, all winter in 2009 Laconia and my failed attempt to cross the border in 2010 were with a thermostat rated for 160 when the correct thermostat is 195. I'd been using a flap of sail tarp to keep it warm but the artificiality of that irked my traditional sentimentality. Amazingly, the van ran but there was no heat and warming it up probably cost me $5 in gas. But, no more. I had the thermostat and the gasket and now I have the time and I kept hearing my buddy Dave say in his Maine accent, "Jesus christ, Paco, I could change the fucking thing in my sleep. Take you five minutes. Now get the fuck out of my garage and keep your dickbeaters off my truck."
He also begged me to install a kitchen. It didn't take five minutes as I ended up finishing with a headlamp and this sunset.

I have no other news to report except that I feel my efforts will soon be rewarded with an arctic wolf encounter.

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