Thursday, October 6, 2011

Deniro Raging Bull

 JAKE             (to Vickie)        C'mere.    She goes to the bedroom doorway.
JAKE grabs her arm, pulls her in, and slams the door.
(pushing her toward the bed area)
Hey, you don't say goodbye to him like that.
What did I do?
(pushing her) You don't kiss like that. Hello and
goodbye, that's all you do.

(The actual scene didn't play out like in the screenplay.) They improvised.
The stare that Deniro gives to Joe Pesci is priceless. About 3/5ths through the movie. The stare goes on an on. This is in the hotel room before the title fight that has been postponed. This is back in the day when movies dramatized emotion instead of reality television manufacturing emotion for our voyeuristic consumption. I'm pretty sure my grandpop, Sam, would be horrified by what is on television today. Rednecks, Italian horse cocks, junk vultures. Sam drove a truck full of chickens for decades around NH...then he sold shirts in Florida. That was good enough for him.
All credit to Scorsese and Deniro for creating this scene. I'm only pointing out one moment that is perfect.


Anonymous said...

kenny eats horsecock sandwiches for lunch!

Oggy Bleacher said...

Really? Is that where we're at? Taking anonymous cheap shots at my friend?

ken said...

It's the age, I think Lobster Boy is young, 2= or some shit.. cheap shots are his forte. He belongs in middle school looking at that lunch menue.

David Andrews said...

Raging Bull is a class film.

Now when you have the time my friend, please check out my Robert De Niro review -

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