Monday, October 17, 2011

Harvest Hooked Rug

Now it's done. I see how my inability to draw a straight line works to my advantage in rug hooking. Maybe I'm a rug hooking savant. One might look at this and think I made good choices and I'd say no, that's just me being naturally messy. That pumpkin was drawn as a perfect circle but I couldn't follow the line. Or another way to think about it is this is how I perceive the world: primitive. So maybe the whole paradigm of public school which is to fit all the pegs into square holes is not realistic. When I taught music in grade school I tried to emphasize the vast options in the music industry from producers who can't play a harmonica to sound engineers to instrumentalists...etc. So, I may have found the craft that takes advantage of my disabilities...something to ponder as I move back into the van to live at the park and ride. I didn't get an interview but I have something nice to look at during the few hours of light.

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