Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pulling Teeth

Greyhound Lines, Inc.
P.O. Box 660362
Dallas, TX 75266-0362
Attn: Refund Dept.

Dear Greyhound Lines Customer Service,

I recently traveled from Harrisburg, PA to Portsmouth, NH. At the bus terminal in Harrisburg I requested a ticket to “Portsmouth, New Hampshire via Boston, Mass.” and since the bus was leaving at that very second I immediately jumped on the bus without double-checking my ticket once it was issued. It was only in my layover in New York that I noticed the clerk had sold me a ticket to Boston, Mass. The clerk must have only heard the last part of my statement. Again, the bus was leaving post haste so I immediately jumped on that bus.

I had priced the ticket from Harrisburg to Portsmouth for $117 but the ticket to Boston cost $115. Once in Boston I needed a ticket to Portsmouth and was told I could not change my ticket by merely paying the extra $2. No, I had to pay $21.50 to complete my travel plans.

“But I asked for a ticket to Portsmouth,” I said.
“I can’t help you,” said the clerk.

So I purchased the new ticket.

As you can see by the ticket receipts I did not intentionally split my trip up in Boston as I was on the next available bus for Portsmouth. Obviously, a miscommunication that took place in Harrisburg cost me an extra $19.50 and I am writing to request a refund of this amount.

I sincerely hope you see my position in this incident and refund me the difference in the purchase price of the tickets. My travel plans often include Greyhound I would like to retain my trust that I will not be taken advantage of when I find myself in a harried disposition due to hectic travel situations and environments. It was an honest mistake and I will attempt to speak more clearly in the future to avoid further confusion and expense.

Kind regards,

Oggy Bleacher
134 Lincoln Ave
Portsmouth, NH 03801


Anonymous said...

I can't believe they paid you......

Anonymous said...

ha ah ah ah ah ah video blog the attempt to cash that thing,,, ha ah ah

Oggy Bleacher said...

I had totally forgotten about it when the check arrived. I cashed it and bought tacos at Dos Amigos. Maybe Greyhound isn't as awful as I thought. I left out the part that I showed up in Harrisburg after 30 sleepless hours and a serpentine belt repair in West Virginia, bleary eyed and then got a ticket to the wrong city destination. Case closed.

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