Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dominicana Salvatorio Comedia

I downloaded a piece of software called "Freemake Video Converter" and this allows me to convert and edit the dreaded .mov files that my trusty Kodak camera films in. See, I have two cameras that enable the video entertainment you watch and enjoy every day.
#1 is a cheap kodak camera I bought in 2005. The video is captured in .mov format which can't be edited on my pc. The majority of the short clips with no editing are from this camera.
#2 is a JVC minidv camera that captures to tape that then must be captured to my computer via firewire and edited into a movie file and saved and then uploaded. I can edit that stuff all day long but on my 2002 laptop computer it takes literally 7-10 hours to capture, edit, and save and upload a 5 minute video. So I prefer to video things spontaneously with the kodak and skip the editing. This feeds my need to improvise entertainment because I know I can't edit it. (this camera is ruined and I need $1500 for a new one and until that happens I can't capture all my arctic wolf footage and edit it.)

This video of me and the chicken farmer calling tech support for his Nikon camera's pink screen problem is an example of what goes wrong with the kodak film crew. We filmed 15 minutes of video that I can't edit...until now. With this software I can now spend 5 hours editing that video in half and then saving it and then uploading it. And I can convert the video to other formats so I can edit it freely. That's a bonus. Of course this video is only funny for 30 seconds so I made a mistake of filling google storage banks with unnecessary amounts of data.

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