Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moped Mania

Even the Memorial Bridge is trying to tell me something.

Dr. Oggystein at work in his laboratory.  Note the healthy salad in the foreground.

 Naval Shipyard at Night. I could get a job there but I'm like a born-again farmer looking for evidence that people still eat food that comes from the ground.

Step 1) Get the drill gun. Chicken Man gets thanks for buying me a dry turkey sandwich at Marcos on route 33, taking me up a hill that I couldn't get down. HE said I needed exercise because I'd been in my van for three straight days but I ended up on my side in a  mud puddle with a moped wheel spinning on my shin and my nose full of thorns while my cathedral shirt caught on fire from the exhaust pipe. And I got a hernia. Is that exercise? He provided the materials to build my $2 moped legal upgrade. I didn't need to get legal with the moped but I really wanted the license plate for some reason. It legitimizes my insanity. And I also get a moped endorsement on my driver's license. All for $3 a year. It pays to be eccentric, you loser SUV drivers.

Randomly, the lady I flirted with at the DMV reached into her dusty moped license drawer and pulled out one with lucky numbers...Bleacher. It doesn't say "Live Free Or Die" because moped riders are obviously about to do both.

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