Thursday, November 10, 2011

Personhood and Assholes

When does life begin? There's been some debate about this in Mississippi recently and I want to see what y'all's opinion is. I'm thinking that there are 7 billion people and if women don't want to have babies then they can do what it takes not to have the baby and whether a fetus is called "life" or not is irrelevant, except in terms of how fundamentalist crackpots can further punish and dominate women. You might as well make being an asshole a crime.
What is your opinion?

When Does Someone Become An Asshole?

I've met a few women and they are generally stubborn to the point of insanity so if they don't want to have a baby then they'll sooner kill themselves than give you the pleasure of dictating their reproductive choices and where will that leave us? On the flip side, if a woman wants to have a baby then you should lock your balls in a bank vault if you don't want to be the father. Furthermore; Save the Fetus, Starve the Child mentalities aren't doing anyone any good. What do I know, I'm only two years old.

Let's have another poll so you can express yourselves anonymously.

When Does Life Begin?

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