Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oggy Bleacher sent you: Driving directions to Portsmouth, NH

The sign said "Closed Wet Paint" but I walked up the Stratham fire tower anyway and got paint on my jacket, disco shirt, worn shoes, broken hands and tattered gloves. Here I am looking for my common sense.
The chicken farmer and his pace dogs leaning into a curve. He has no idea how loose those front wheel axle nuts are.
1974 Vespa Ciao

Oggy is a safe rider.
I had my doubts about riding back to Portsmouth from Nottingham on the moped but they were warrant-less as I made it with fuel to spare and before the rain. I am organizing a canoe trip into the Great Bay via the Newfields boat lanch. Let's go kill some ducks.

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Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 4:52 PM
Subject: Sent via Google Maps: Oggy Bleacher sent you: Driving directions to Portsmouth, NH


1.Head southeast on NH-152 E/Stage Rd toward Church St Continue to follow NH-152 E9.5 mi
2.Turn right onto NH-108 S/Exeter St Continue to follow NH-108 S3.2 mi
3.Slight left onto Squamscott Rd1.1 mi
4.Turn left onto NH-33 E/Portsmouth Ave Continue to follow NH-33 E6.8 mi
5.Slight left onto Islington St1.7 mi
6.Turn right onto Summer St0.2 mi

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