Saturday, November 26, 2011

Emperor Concerto By Beethoven

Let's take a moment to appreciate something other than our own flawed egos and instead appreciate the flawed egos of L. V. Beethoven and Glenn Gould. The good stuff starts at :36.

In light of the recent debates maybe it would be more fitting to share the "Eroica" (Italian for Heroic) Symphony #3 by Beethoven because it was dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte and then renamed when Napoleon pronounced himself the Emperor of France.
See, I'm out to entertain and amuse myself like any good court jester would do but it seems lately that my schtick is not found amusing by my audience. Why, pray tell? Dost thou not need a jester to mock? Dost thou prefer the mere predictability of sit coms like Two and a Half Men to the unpredictability of my own antics? No matter, the goal of any court jester is to amuse without the audience knowing they are distracted from the other daily grinds of their lives. That is my job and I've done it well. But it comes at a price and that price is having composers rage in my direction. Hypocrite, lazy, incompetent, pig, filthy, stupid, dirty...these and other accusations are slung casually in my direction as though my skin were as thick as the hide of an arctic wolf. It must be nice to sit on your velvet cushions and throw insults in my direction when I am merely doing my job as jester to a court gone mad. Let's all watch Oggy dance and make merry while the plague sets in.

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