Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not That You Care

The Keystone XL pipeline project has been delayed by an outpouring of protests from pretty much everyone except the readers of my self-absorbed blog. Congratulations for watching college football while your country falls apart around you. We are rapidly approaching a sink or swim time. I see it everywhere I go that the acceleration of depraved culture and events and reliance on oil and global events is leading to a gigantic collapse of modern civilization. Something will survive but I'm pretty sure X Factor and College Football and "Hog Hunter" television shows and gay pride merchandise will all fail to thread the needle. Oggy might not make it either as his back is broken from one day of work and his ulcer is occupying his esophagus. But that's no big deal. Something will survive.

the exxonmobil article talking about how Obama is missing the point and concentration on short term political gain. JOKE!

Here's my response
"The only thing "short term" is the use of fossil fuels in a flawed and wasteful energy paradigm. Don't spin this like a loss of jobs because the logistics of a smarter infrastructure will require as many hands on deck as the construction of new pipelines. Really, the pipeline is a misappropriation of human and economic resources and the three years of research was basically an irresponsible and unacceptable waste of time and money. Tar Sands is a flawed source of energy and the pipeline is merely one flawed element of a misguided whole. It demonstrates that when a flawed premise is accepted as true then a series of failures and chaos will follow. Will anyone at ExxonMobil admit they were wrong to begin with?"


WeRo said...

Cora wanted to go to Washington last weekend to hold hands around the white house in protest of the tar sands pipeline.
Did you know that the company, valero, that is "funding" the pipeline isn't even keeping the by-products of the tar sands in the US. It is all pegged for export. So we are dependent on foreign oil but if we can find a way to bring it here, the pipeline, we should just export it out of the country.
their reasoning is that they will make it into diesel but the US has no use for all that they should just export it.
Why can't we have more diesel vehicles? Because the companies that make diesel vehicles have to go through the whole progression of certification even if they shell is the same but the motor is different. Hence no diesel Subaru.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Write your congressman.

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