Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bamboo Hat

I chose a salt and pepper motif to match my gray beard and black heart. Why are the stripes vertical? Because the pattern I used was for making a solid color hat but I decided to be fancy and added a stripe and then realized it would be running the whole length from brim to tip. But as failures go it allowed me to see the way to really make an easy hat by making a brim that will fit the head and then making spirals up and up twice the size of your head and then turning the hat into a double layered tube and cinching up the end. It's like a sock for your head. Two comments:
1) I don't know why grandmothers can take an easy thing and totally mystify me with their directions. Really, they should hire an industrial engineer to write the standard operating procedure.
2) I really hope I don't ever have a need for the "chemo cap" pattern.

update: I unwound the whole hat because I can do better.

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