Friday, March 23, 2012

Power Sources

Where does your power come from? I'd like everyone to go to their energy provider's generation source page and find out exactly where your energy comes from. It will probably look something like this chart below:

Ameren Missouri Power Plants
Plant Location
Began Operation
Coal Fired Plants (77% of generation)
Labadie Franklin County, Mo.
Rush Island Jefferson County, Mo.
Meramec St. Louis County, Mo.
Sioux St. Charles County, Mo.

Hydroelectric Plants (3% of generation)
Keokuk Keokuk, Iowa
Osage Lakeside, Mo.
Taum Sauk (pumped storage) Reynolds County, Mo.

Nuclear Plant (19% of generation)
Callaway Callaway County, Mo.

Now we all know how this dehumidifier does its job. Or it used to do its job and now it has been disassembled by Oggy's incompetent hands, lost screws fell down the drain and the fan bearing is shot and the fuse is blown and the IC is stoned. So, it doesn't use much anymore except indirectly in the form of beer I drink to drown the pain my my back from laying upside down looking at the various ways this Chinese product was assembled.
Update: I disconnected the humidity sensor plug and now it runs again! It's either on or off now. Thank You Meramec coal plant!

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