Friday, March 2, 2012

Mayan Prophecy

I was getting my affairs in order for the end of the Mayan calendar when I came upon some details I want to share.

The Mayans didn't really look at time in year to year cycles but they had a calendar that was 1.872 million days long. That's 5125 years.
The contents of Oggy's Brain as represented by Mayan Artists

So, the end of that cycle of time ends in 9 months. We should be honored to be alive at such a time. Really, of the trillions of people who lived since 3000 B.C. you'll get to see what happens. There aren't many Mayans around to celebrate this so I want to go to Guatemala in solidarity. It's like new years day multiplied five thousand times. So that's a big hangover.

In light of this I'd like to make my own Oggy prediction for the true end of the world. My calendar really began 21,000 years ago. My calendar lasts 88,000 years. So on March 2nd in the year 67,000 AD the cycle starts over again. Mark the calendar now!

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