Saturday, March 3, 2012

Acidification of Oceans

Has anyone checked out the story on the acidification of the oceans? It's a couple pages long and not nearly as interesting as Hog Hunters or Storage Wars or performances by teenagers covering songs from 1970. Yep, it's a real yawner. But Joe Romm is the writer who is putting out more content than anyone on the condition of the climate so that's why he's tops on my blog roll. It's mostly doom and gloom and "sky is falling" stuff that would make any sane person drink a bottle of Southern Comfort. Especially when time scales like 180 million years are being tossed around and make the Mayan calendar read like a school lunch menu. It's also safe to say that one person can not affect any change in something as vast as the ocean. Yes, mankind chose to pollute it by default and no change is on the horizon as long as it's easier to dump waste into the ocean than not create it in the first place. Of course you could quote the part in the article that claims 96% of marine life already was wiped out 250 million years ago by some volcanoes erupting in Asia. So, who cares if the same effect is caused by iPod manufacturing and long rides to Target to save money on toilet paper? Well, some people care, some people have no idea it's happening and some people are indifferent.

The oceans are acidifying? I am...

The full article .

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