Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bootleg Software Guy Cries Foul

Steve Bragg is a technical consultant of a local school system by day but in the evening he sells bootleg software.
"It's a side project," Steve explains. "Hustle money to put away for my new kid."
For several years Steve would crack security codes on Adobe, Microsoft Office and Quickbooks so he could sell the software.
"Adobe was the easiest and the most lucrative because Creative Suite costs something like $900 brand new and I could find buyers at $150. It was a win win [situation]"
That was until other software hacks began driving the price down.
"They killed the golden goose," exclaimed Steve. "Now I see the same Rosetta Stone software that I would steal and then resell for $100 going for $25 or less. How am I going to make money off this stolen software when guys like me are stealing it and selling it cheaper? They're taking food out of my mouth!"
BRagg said that if things keep going like this in the stolen software market he was going to have to move to Russia to take footage of early release movies to turn into dvds to sell in the Philippines.
"I'll do what I have to to overcome the obstacles set up by these bootleg software hacks who are more conniving than I am."

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