Monday, March 5, 2012

Painted Eyes

July 7, 1962
Your crooked smile reveals teeth whitened by the photographer with paint.
Tie was jet black but he added white dots to make it stand out.
Handkerchief folded before the shutter clicked while friends made fun of you in the background
Would vote republican and join the ROTC
Volunteered for Vietnam but went to officer's school in California
Never saw action
Met future wife at a social dance to raise money for war orphans
Trained interpreters.
Fathered two girls
This photograph was in the garage of your father's house when he died.
Your wife asked you if you wanted it.
"What for?"
So it went to the Goodwill in a nice frame ($4) that ended up on another wall
What to do with your picture of a you that is gone?

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