Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sony Introduces New Talk Phone

Sony announced the release of a new "Talk Talk" phone that is designed to replace the text machines now currently in use.
Sony Spokesman announced, "We expect this new device to fill the need to communicate with one another. Each phone is assigned an exclusive number and when you dial that number the other phone rings, to let the owner know that someone is trying to reach them. When they answer the phone the two users will be able to communicate with the spoken word."

Skeptics include Thomas Spindle of Dayton, Ohio. "Sounds fishy to me," he said, "I'll keep on texting like God intended." Spindle then demonstrated by texting, "Hey, what's up?" to his friend.
Nokia also launched a new speech transfer device

California device tested Henry Brown said this in his review, "Some of the bugs still have to be worked out but in all, the new "Talk Talk" phone is a winner. I call the other person and when that person answered the phone you could talk to each other using speech. I was amazed at how quickly a conversation could run its course. Rather than texting, "Where r u?" back and forth for ten minutes until you narrow down one another's location using crytpic abbreviations and shorthand, you merely ask, "Where are you and the other person says, ' the grocery store.' And it's done!"

Sony has been developing the device for three decades and had released it in each of the past 15 years but they said its popularity had declined as more people started texting instead of speaking.
"We thought by renaming the device it would remind folks that these phones do allow you to speak to one another. We're offering ten minutes of free talk time so you can get used to using your voice on a telephone. Go ahead. It's on us!"

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