Friday, April 6, 2012

Safe Haven

I finally found a place on the internet where racist comments aren't the common currency. No, it isn't the Hustler forum. It's CNN Money. The articles are still handpicked and edited for minimal impact and maximum spin but the people who take the time to comment on the articles spell all their words correctly and don't swear. My head starts to spin when I read death threats over and over. It's draining my life, I'm telling you. This fucking world is really bringing me down. When CNN Money is the one place I can go for relief then that's pretty much the end of the line.

PS: Does anyone remember the name of the lunch counter that used to be in the Pic N Pay in Portsmouth? IT had a fake fisherman motif and nets and a helm and you could probably order an egg sandwich and clam chowdah. The store is now Hannafords and the counter is gone but I'm feeling nostalgic for a grilled cheese and malted milkshake for $1. Anyone? I bring this up because 1982 is 30 years in the past. 1982 is the year I became truly aware of music so it's pretty much the best music I know...and it's 30 years old today and so totally awesomely old and out of date that it hurts my head. 1982. I'm so out of shape my fat rolls wrote their congressman asking him to pass a bill forcing me to stop eating hot dogs and get some exercise. I think this Republican congress won't sign it.

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