Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Turn in Your Badge

That was what my boss said anytime someone groaned or moaned or complained.
"If you don't like it, turn in your badge."

"Can I go to the bathroom?"
"Turn in your badge and you can do anything you want."

"Did you see that baseball game last night?"
"Turn in your badge and you can watch anything you want."

"My back is killing me."
"Turn in your badge."

"My husband had a heart attack and..."
"Turn in your badge."

"Turn in your badge."

He was pretty funny so the other day after I shot some more rubber bands at the ceiling I said, "Here's my badge. I'm turning it in."
"I'm through."
"Turn in...I mean."
"Yeah. It's been a blast."

And I left to get some custard at Ted Drewes. One thing I learned is that the spouse of the bread winner can call herself a "Housewife" or a "Homemaker" but the best one I read was "Household Executive" I loved that one.

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