Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Digital Defense

My blog is the target of an international spam robot attack (brought on by that thoughtless hooker post) and I'm trying to devise ways to figure out how to beat them. The forum eliminated all the hate mail and the spam comments but it also totally silenced anyone with casual advice too since forums aren't too cool and no one is brave enough to be the first kid to take his clothes off and jump into the pond. That's a bummer but I'll get over it. But the traffic to my blog is probably 99% digital spiders crawling for ways to post virus related links. But that deflates my ego because I don't have any idea what kind of traffic is actually arriving here at the van man's door step. Enter the jump break summary selection....

This is a feature that forces you to click on individual page links if you want to read more.

On my post template page the picture is a page that is torn in half.

Jump icon in the toolbarI click on that and then and a break appears in the text where the cursor is. The rest of the post is automatically separated and you have to voluntarily decide that it's worth your time. It also prevents underage kids from reading my obscenities chalked on the wall of the school. If a body, catch a body, coming through the rye...
It's not intended to deceive you at all but it does allow the traffic to be sorted out more precisely. I'm assuming that a fake person will not click on the link to reveal more of the post, especially if they are Russian or Uzbek and can't read the link message. So, it's a win win situation. You are forced to decide if the first paragraph is good enough to interest you in the rest of the post and I get to see how few people actually want to read a whole essay of hateful comments toward CNN. No more browsing the entire contents of my blog without clicking anything. Those days are gone. Oggy is moving into a mode where he exploits his readers for profit and soon you will be seeing ragu sauce ads and if you click on them you will be saying to Ragu that Oggy deserves money for driving traffic to your site. Actually, the ads will probably be related to pornography.

If you have any questions about this or anything about the blog then join the forum and ask. This is also an experiment that could be cancelled without warning.
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