Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Drug Record Set

A new record has been set for the shortest elapsed time between a new medication being approved and sold to the public and a class action lawsuit involving that drug.

The newly approved pain medication Relievaplax was approved for prescription in January of 2012 and today has been named as responsible for dozens of deaths across the Nation. The new record of 4 months 3 days breaks the old record set in 2010 by the breast cancer treatment tablet Uroflex, which was determined to cause birth defects 14 months after it was approved for human consumption.

Law schools across the country are fast tracking class action lawsuit students to meet the increasing demand of class action lawsuits.

"As soon as we graduate one class, another ten drugs claim a few thousand more victims," said Yale Law School Dead, Tom Fibbins. "We expect every drug approved for use will be responsbile for deaths. Our only fear is that the rain forest will be obliterated so soon that no ingredients will be available to mix into deadly concoctions."
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