Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don't Sleep in The Subway

Shortly after I recorded this video the emergency alarms went off in the music building and the entire place was evacuated. I asked those in the stairway if it happens often or if someone was shooting random victims from the bell tower. We plunged into the street not knowing what would happen next. I feel like all of this is giving shuffleboard lessons on board the Titanic. But a part of me thinks that is exactly what life is, a kid comes to you with a splinter on a boat that is sinking...what do you do? You take the splinter out. You teach shuffleboard. You sing gospel songs or Pet Clark tunes. Then the ship sinks. It makes no difference. You can't be like Whitman and think you are going to go on a rampage of mercy and take everyone out of their misery. Fuck it. The boat will sink eventually. Go learn to juggle oranges. I'm gonna go eat tacos and jarritos and watch the fireworks that are really emergency flares.

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