Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gospel Hour

Beside the still waters is not a song I remember from the rescue mission but it's one that sounds good to my ear today.

I shouldn't wallow in the tragedies of the past but these landmarks were on my way to the music practice rooms.
UT bell tower

Memorial Plaque

Memorial Pond
There is a hymn for every life event.

Beside The Still Waters:
Beside the still waters in pastures of green,
The Shepherd is leading where all is serene;
By day and by night He will always be seen
Beside the still waters of peace.
For He's the Good Shepherd who died for the sheep;
His own He has promised to keep.
He lovingly watches and guards while they sleep
Beside the still waters of peace.

Beside the still waters the sheep find their rest;
The Shepherd stands by so that none can molest;
The flock, by His presence, is happy and blest
Beside the still waters of peace
The sheep know His voice and they go not astray,
For Jesus will guide all the way.
In paths that are righteous He leads day by day
Beside the still waters of peace.

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